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LSI Staffing fills all levels of positions in manufacturing, distribution, and production on a temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time basis. Through our HirePrinciple division, we also fill direct hire positions ranging from production lead roles to senior-level professional positions in office/clerical, accounting & finance, engineering, IT, and sales & marketing.

Simply visit the Search Jobs section of our website and complete an online application, or visit the LSI Staffing office nearest you.

LSI Staffing operates through a Three Step Interview and Intake Process:

  1. You can either go to our website and apply directly, or visit your local LSI Staffing office and apply during their office hours.
  2. Once you have filled out the application, you will then be asked to sit with a well trained and seasoned Employment Specialist for your formal in-person interview. In the interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss your skills, experience, and objectives. There are a number of factors at play, but for this process you could be asked to come back at another scheduled time. For some industrial positions and office and professional positions, you may be asked to do some computer or assessment testing to determine skill level(s), etc.
  3. If you successfully complete step two, you will then go through the last step in the process which is the job offer and employee onboarding. After the job offer, you will be asked to come back to the LSI office to get any site or customer specific onboarding material, go over any customer specific orientation material, discuss all details relevant to your start, and if required, all post-offer screening will be completed at this time also.

As positions you are suited for become available, LSI Staffing will contact you. After you have completed your application, call in once a week on Mondays to tell us you are available.

If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. LSI Staffing will continue to offer positions to you based on your skills and preferences.

Please give all new jobs some time, before deciding a position is not a fit. We realize not every position is a good fit for you; sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the position. If you are on a job and find it is not going to work for you, we ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key. We expect open communication from you and you can expect the same from the LSI Staffing office.

Nothing. LSI Staffing’s services are provided at NO FEE to candidates.

Eligible employees at LSI Staffing are provided with a wide range of benefits, including: health insurance, 401(k) plans, and vacation pay. For more information, visit the Benefits page of our website.

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