Case Studies

Large Volume Contract Packaging Facility

Scenario: Contract Packaging Facility with year round volume staffing usage and huge spikes in contingent labor needs on short notice. Use up to 150 workers at one time. 95% of work force is contingent labor. Challenge: Large volume short notice orders at a low wage and very up and down work assignment. Goal: To meet… Read More »

Volume Warehouse Facility with Rapid Turnover Improvement

Scenario: Volume staffing that uses up to 50 contingent workers at any given time. User is a warehousing company with lower than market wages for their location. Challenge: No staffing provider has been able to come in and meet their job fill needs or been able to lower company’s turnover rate to below 60% turnover… Read More »

Large Volume Meat Processing Facility

Scenario: Meat processing facility with 8 month contingent labor season, utilizing 150 to 200 contingent employees. Challenge: Local Unemployment Rate of 4.5% is contributing to an unsustainable turnover rate which is further challenged the client’s ability to maintain a safe work environment. Goal: To hit monthly Job Fill and Turnover Rate Metrics while drastically improving… Read More »

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