High-Volume Light Industrial Staffing

1:1 provides real workforce solutions to employers in need of high output, high quality and high productivity. Volume and on-site staffing for light industrial, warehouse and manufacturing is our singular focus and our specialty.

Staffing Challenges Solved

Finding reliable, skilled workers in high volume in today’s market isn’t easy. 1:1 solves your most vexing staffing problems by delivering the employees you need, exactly when you need them.

Our workers are:

  • Skilled, vetted, and matched to your company and your needs.
  • Trained in both process and safety to deliver maximum productivity.
  • Available to work immediately.

Partner with 1:1 to:

  • Fulfill your onsite workforce management needs
  • Meet seasonal demand
  • Expand into new areas
  • Manage tight deadlines
  • Stay fully staffed
  • Maintain your volume workforce
  • Keep up with turnover
  • Create your own volume staffing program

Dedicated Team: Dedicated Service

New clients often ask what our name means. It means one staffing company, one staffing client. The ratio is 1:1. You are the only customer! As an industry, it’s common for a staffing branch to operate a staffing team to customer ratio of 8:1. Meaning that for every one team member at your local staffing provider, there are eight staffing customers they are servicing. LSI’s 1:1 service recognizes there are customers who demand a stronger service. This is exactly why 1:1 was designed. To offer a high output, high volume workforce that is designed and dedicated to your business. We want to break the mold of LIFO (last in first out) which reigns true in most staffing offices. At 1:1, we’ve decided your business is worth dedicating to, and we are literally making a staffing program and branch dedicated to you and your business. Simply put, it’s the strongest and most high performance staffing program you can get. No question about it.

  • Full Production lines: 1:1 services only your business. Thus eliminating competition for employees to go to another customer’s worksite. Our employees are only sent to your worksite, because with 1:1 we service only you and nobody else.
  • Greater Productivity: 1:1 strengthens our intake process at the front door through a more regimented and focused employee interview process, site specific training and stronger employee on boarding. 1:1 slows down the back door by offering a stronger employee from day one, stronger on-site management of our workforce, customized reporting, and continual employee feedback to help maintain and resolve any issues before they have a chance to get started. This combination has been proven to lead to greater productivity on a facility’s floor.
  • Cost Savings: Enhanced on boarding, decreased employee turnover, stronger control of contingent labor and greater employee productivity with the 1:1 process, ultimately leads your business to an extremely impactful cost savings. With 1:1 we greatly improve the efficiencies of your staffing program that leave you with the benefit of saving substantial dollars.
  • Performance Measured: At 1:1 we believe  the real improvement of a staffing program is measured through key metrics. We custom fit those metrics to what your business deems most important. We design custom reporting around this theory and hold ourselves accountable to meeting the goals we set as partners. We have continual updates and weekly meetings to discuss these key metrics and the ways to make sure that 1:1 reaches the goals we’ve set together.

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